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Focus on Maintenance Service - Junzheng and Huashun Projects successfully put into operation
Time:2017-01-04  |  Views:72  |  Author:SINOCALCI

       Through unremitting efforts, Sinocalci successfully completed the maintenance work for1-3# 600TPD Annular Shaft Kiln (Wuda Junzheng) and 600TPD Annular Shaft Kiln(Wulanchabu Huashun), all kilns had successfully put into operation.

       Maintenance project for 1-3# 600TPD Annular Shaft Kiln is the key project for Junzheng Group. Since the kick off from May, 2016, upholding the guideline of"Safety First, Quality Oriented", Sinocalci made effort to build upthis project as the image project. In conjunction with the construction unit,Sinocalci strictly checked the materials to ensure the quality.Inthe construction process, Sinocalci operated in strict accordance with theconstruction drawings and specifications. In case any construction problem wasfound, which will be timely corrected and solved, and to effectively ensure the quality of the project.

      On Jan 2017, 600TPD Annular Shaft Kiln maintenance projects for Ulaanchab HuaShunChemical was put into operation. Under the circumstance of substandard rawmaterials, Sinocalci still ensured to produce high quality lime and effectively improves the quality of downstream calcium carbide products.

      Sinceits kickoff,  Sinocalci's leadership andrelated functional departments gave a great deal of concern and support to thisproject. Thanks to the unremitting effort of all staff in project department can realize the successful completion and put into operation ahead of schedule both for Uda Junzheng and Ulaanchab Huashun Chemical Project, which obtail the highly appraisal from Owners.